How We Do It

Text Box: Operating at the interfaces of research, science, engineering, manufacturing and marketing, Desighn Ltd enable the rapid development of customer focused, market defining products built on the newest technologies.
Text Box: Great Idea, Super Design, Perfect Product.
It’s not enough!
Text Box: Great innovations occur at the “touch points” of technical disciplines.  Ideas and solutions flow from one expertise to the next creating unexpected, and possibly valuable, results.  Getting the most out of these interactions is central to the Desighn philosophy.
Text Box: Creating the best product platform for technology requires a thorough understanding of target markets, customer requirements and the manufacturing options to satisfy these requirements.  Desighn work effectively and pragmatically to help develop the finest products that maximize value from innovation.
Text Box: Progress might be a journey from A to B, but the route taken is often complicated, risky, full of dead ends and unexpected turns.  Desighn can help provide the fastest, safest journey from idea to income.
Text Box: After over 20 years spent creating, developing and manufacturing new products, we know that however well executed the product itself may be, it is no warranty of income from an idea.
Text Box: Our experience of having formed, operated and exited businesses, protected and exploited intellectual property, completed legal and financial arrangements, and managed collaborations with a range of academic and commercial institutions means we are uniquely placed to assist on wider business issues and the impact they can have on your product’s successful genesis.
Text Box: We always aim to help generate the simplest, most elegant, most pragmatic solution to any problem, be it technical, operational, relational, financial, or otherwise.  And we aim to do so without recourse to “management-speak”
Text Box: Several of our early-stage clients have secured significant financial investments and gone on to secure highly beneficial exits as a result of our involvement in their projects.
Text Box: Contact us to join them in
Success through Progress!